Monday, November 6, 2017

How to fix computer errors, laptop screen is black win 7

How to fix computer errors, laptop screen isblack win 7, windows wallpaper is black when boot, fix the black screen on win 7

Cause laptop error screen black :
This is because you turned on automatic update mode and was detected using the key is not copyrighted. Please turn off the automatic update mode
Download Remove WAT :     Doawload

 - First off all the Viruses.
 - Download Remove WAT
- Extract, double click on the run WAT file 2.2.6. exe
- Next, click on Remove WAT
- After clicking OK, the software will automatically work and Active Win 7
- After that, Restart again, the screen is still black but the text Window is not Genuine in the right corner will disappear.
 - Finally choose the theme or get a new image as the background is Machine back as normal
Good luck!